Self-Care Strategies to Swear By


In the time of a worldwide pandemic, countless Zoom calls, and endless pivoting on those much-laid work plans, it’s easy to overlook those critical moments of personal recovery. Here are a few tips from SWIM leaders on how they integrate self-care into their professional lives.

“Be aware of negative self-talk by becoming an observer of your thoughts.  Interrupt negative self-talk immediately by thinking of 5 things you are grateful for in the current moment.”

Kit Culpepper, Director of Channel Strategy, C.F. Martin & Co.

“My mind is a bucket, and without some ways to clear my mind the bucket will begin to spill. I love to cook. Each evening I set my devices aside, turn on some music, and clear my mind to make some space in that bucket and remain the best version of myself.”

Sarah Mondt, Southwest District Sales Manager, KHS America

“I consciously schedule time to exercise, sleep, and to enjoy hobbies and friends every week. I firmly believe taking time for myself puts me in the best mindset to lead and inspire others.”

Crystal Morris, CEO, Gator Cases

“You come first. It’s that easy. Carving out a few minutes a day to do something that brings you joy can\ make all the difference in your productivity, health, and mindset. I start each morning with a yoga class
to keep me grounded. A time for me, myself, and I to recharge and start my day off strong.”

Natalie Morrison, D’Addario & Co.

“Schedule in time for you. I literally put ON my schedule things like: Read a book, play a video game, get a pedicure. To me, these appointments are just as important as any other appointment on my calendar.”

Laura Penrose, Owner, Nick Rail Music

Allow yourself space for personal creativity. Ironically, it’s easy to let professional obligations impede on our own musical expression. Affording myself that valuable time to write new songs, practice my bass and experiment with new gear has kept me mindful, balanced and passionate.

Hilary Brown, Director of Marketing, Kyser Musical Products

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