New Podcast: Robin Sassi & Kimberly Deverell, San Diego Music

Kimberly Deverell (left) and Robin Sassi

The leadership powerhouse duo from San Diego Music, President Robin Sassi and Director of Educational Development Kimberly Deverell, talk shop—literally—with Natalie and Stephanie during our 20th episode of “SWIM Masters” to date.

Robin Sassi is the president and owner of San Diego Music Studio in San Diego County, California. She is also a practicing attorney. She is best known for The Philippines Ukulele Project which brings music education to at-risk children in impoverished areas of the world.”

A wife and mother of 2 children, Kimberly Deverell is a graduate of San Diego State University where she received Magna Cum Laude with Distinction in her major of Music Education. She has been an instructor at San Diego Music Studio since 1997 and serves as the Studio’s Director of Educational Development and Advocacy. She supervises all of the special events and educational programs as well as oversees all aspects of teaching and class structure. Kimberly is a member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California and participates in helping qualified students prepare for MTAC competitions. Additionally, Kimberly serves on the Board of Director’s for a local non-profit organization Charity Wings which promotes keeping Arts alive throughout the community.

Kimberly contributes her time and expertise by speaking at music industry educational sessions and being actively involved in the National Association of Music Merchants. Kimberly has participated in the NAMM Music Advocacy Fly-In in Washington DC each year since 2016 where she advocates for music education and arts in the schools. In 2018 she became involved in SWIM Foundation (Smart Women in Music); a movement to drive inclusion and empowerment within the music products industry. Most recently, Kimberly was elected to serve on the NAMM Board of Directors for 2019-2022. 

Check out the episode here.

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