New Podcast: Iris & Ron Manus, Alfred Music

Iris and Ron Manus, Alfred Music

Iris & Ron Manus of Alfred Music represent three generations of trailblazers in the music products business. Listen in to hear more about how a small, family-owned music publisher in 1922 came to be one of the most respected and recognizable names in the industry, and how the Iris’ advocacy, philanthropy and unparalleled achievement—-with her grandson carrying that torch into the future—-opened up equitable opportunities and possibilities for generations to come.

For over 60 years Iris was the co-owner and executive producer of Alfred Music, the leader in music education since 1922. Iris started her journey at Alfred Music in the late 1940’s in New York City when her mom Rose, the bookkeeper for Alfred Music, brought Iris into work on Saturdays to help out around the office. It turns out that Rose’s boss Sam Manus had a son named Morty and their lifelong relationship began. The dynamic duo of Iris and Morty embarked on decades of innovation, creativity, and love for music, as well creating a beautiful family of 3 sons and 3 granddaughters.  A recipient, with her late husband Morty, of the RPMDA’s (Retail Print Music Dealers Association) Lifetime Achievement Award – “The  Dorothy”, RPMDA’s Publisher of the Year, MPA’s (Music Publishers Association) Lifetime Achievement Award, MTNA’s (Music Teachers National Association) Legacy Society and Foundation Fellow, and many more. Iris who recently retired, still remains active attending conventions and supporting both music advocacy and education with her philanthropy. Iris’ life’s passion is to help the world experience the joy of making music.

Ron Manus is the third generation of the Manus family helping to lead educational music powerhouse Alfred Music into the future. Ron joined Alfred Music in 1988 and has worked in all areas of the business including sales, editorial, creative development, all the way up to Chief Executive Officer, but now enjoys working as the company’s Chief Business Development Officer which allows him to focus on working with key business partners and keeping an eye on growing the business through strategic relationships. In addition to those responsibilities, Ron is one of Alfred’s top-selling authors, having over 100 published titles to his credit including instructional items for guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica and ukulele. As an innovator, guitarist, studio engineer, and top-selling author, Ron has contributed significantly to Alfred Music and the music industry. He has served on several boards including the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), RPMDA (Retail Print Music Dealers Association) Executive Committee and the MPA (Music Publishers Association). Ron has also won numerous awards including the NAMM’s Believe in Music, RPMDA’s Lifetime Achievement Award – “The  Dorothy” and numerous awards for his publications. Ron has spent over 30 years in the music industry passionately working to help the world experience the joy of making music.

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