2020 SWIM Summit – March 4-6, 2020, Carlsbad, CA

The Smart Women in Music fund (SWIM) is pleased to announce the first SWIM Summit March 4-6, 2020 at the NAMM Headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Applications for the Summit Scholarship are now open and will close on December 22, 2019.

This 2.5-day leadership immersion experience led by Dr. Jen Hall plans to connect and build relationships between high-potential women in the music products industry. Participants will engage in a variety of workshops and sessions dedicated to growing personal and professional effectiveness that can be used every day.   

“ The pillars of SWIM are to Connect, to Support and to Grow,” says DeDe Heid from Heid Music. “The SUMMIT is a pinnacle to these pillars and we are excited to bring this opportunity forward for women in leadership in the music products industry. The opportunity would not be possible without the hard work and determination of many and the incredible support of our donors. Together we can continue to improve the landscape surrounding diversity and inclusion in the music products industry.”

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must:

  • Have at least five years of experience working in the music products industry, and must seek opportunities to expand leadership and professional competencies
  • Is currently employed at a managerial level or higher
  • Models the SWIM mission: to connect, support, and grow opportunities for themselves and all women in the Music Product Industry.
  • Must work for a NAMM Member Company

The scholarship for the SWIM Summit covers education, meals, and transportation to and from the event space. Participants are responsible for airfare, hotel, and transfer to/from the airport.

SWIM, led by Robin Walenta, President of West Music Co., Crystal Morris, President and CEO of Gator Cases, and DeDe Heid, Executive Vice President of Heid Music, was launched in 2018 and aims to support women in the industry in three key areas: offering mentoring, learning and professional development opportunities at The NAMM Show and Summer NAMM; job shadowing of female leaders at industry events; and in-company residencies.

To learn more about the SWIM Summit and apply for the scholarship please visit: https://www.nammfoundation.org/projects/swim-fund-smart-women-music-fund

Day one of program (March 4): (appx 8am-5pm)

  • Visual Explorer: explore who you are as a leader today and where you would like to evolve
  • Enhancing Self-Awareness: Strengths Profile to identify and develop individual strengths and untapped potential
  • Providing Effective Feedback: Situation Behavior Impact (SBI) Model to deliver useful developmental feedback to enhance development for a feedback-rich culture
  • Traffic Jam: work on the power of inquiry skills to solve challenging problems
  • 360-Degree Feedback: SkillScope a multi-rate feedback instrument covering 98 items in 15 areas critical to effectiveness in professional roles.

Day two of program (March 5): (appx 8am-5pm)

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders: The Coaching Mindset Index (CMI) a powerful framework for coaching others with individualized insight
  • Developing Resilience: learn about the five key aspects and practical strategies for increasing resilience in each area.
  • Communicating with Clarity: Colourblind Activity to work on inherent interpersonal communications to help enhance teamwork and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Goal Setting: work on personal leadership goals

Day three of program (March 6): (appx 8am-1pm)

  • Mindset Activity: from individual effectiveness to the impact of mindsets leadership and organizational culture
  • Peer Feedback/Goal Consultation: depart with simple but powerful action plans with action steps, dates and accountability measures.

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